False Affidavit


Section 29:

Penalty for swearing falsely in affidavits


Except as provided by section 33, every person wilfully swearing falsely in any affidavit made before any such justice of the peace or other person so authorised to take affidavits, shall be deemed guilty of perjury and shall incur and be liable to the same pains and penalties as if the person had wilfully sworn falsely in open Court in a judicial proceeding in the Supreme Court.


Section 30:

Untrue document purporting to be affidavit


 Where a person wilfully makes and subscribes a document that purports to be, but is not, an affidavit taken and received in accordance with the requirements

of section 11A, knowing it to be untrue in a material particular not related to any requirement or formality necessary for the making of an affidavit, that

person is guilty of an offence and:

     (a) upon conviction on indictment liable to imprisonment for 5  years, or

     (b) upon conviction by the Local Court liable to a penalty not

     exceeding 5 penalty units or imprisonment for a term not exceeding  six months.


As at 01 October 2017 1 Penalty Unit = $110.00